Dream Home Campaign


The Mike Chaffee Team

Dream Home Campaign

Have you ever driven by an amazing house or neighborhood and said to yourself “I would love to live there!” Our goal is to make that a reality for you. We developed a marketing strategy called the “Dream Home Campaign”


Here’s How it Works


Step 1: Identify your home characteristics, location, price

Step 2: We personally choose 40-70 top homes that are not currently on the market that fit your ideal criteria

Step 3: Create customized letters which includes a Starbucks gift card and a 4×6 photo of you the buyer (if allowed). We then hand deliver letters to the door step of the potential sellers.

Step 4: Schedule an initial meeting with those home owners who respond to our letter to discuss terms and view the property

Step 5: If the terms align, then we schedule an appointment for us to view the property together

Step 6: Write the offer and negotiate the sale